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Wanna learn how to cook? You will experience very personal cooking class. I won't accept more than 6 people to make sure, everybody is involved. We starting in local food market, because understand the product is very important for me. After that, we will taste some local wine, pick the best one and move to my kitchen studio, where we cook together 3 course menu. Check out calendar and sign up.

- Traditional 3 course menu with Chef Ondrej

- Pastry Class with Chef Ondrej


You have chance to experience an unique event. Sit down in my apartment with bunch of guys and enjoy multiple course menu served be myself, right in front of you. Paired either with natural wine or some other cool beverages. Check out the calendar for next event.


 A personal chef provides elegant meals in a client's own home. After the menu is set, your chef will grocery shop for you and provide delicious restaurant quality dishes allowing you to relax and enjoy the time you deserve. 

What's included in the service?

A Personal Chef Offers:

- Customized Menus 

- Fully Prepared and Serviced Dinners

- Variety of Freshly Prepared Food

- Unique Dining Experience

- Grocery Shopping

- Fresh & Organic Produce

- Full Kitchen Clean Up

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Jak to začalo a kde jsem teď

The first impulse came when I got on an internship in Italy and saw for the first time what's the real cooking about, recognizing the fresh ingredients and cooking techniques how to get the best out of them.

I soon realized that if I wanted to learn something more, I have to go abroad.

Right after graduation I went to England, which is extremely proud of its products, it was a good school for beginning. After that experience I went to New Zealand, where I got the opportunity to work at the best restaurant for 2012,  After a year I went to Berlin to experience Michelin star environment in one the best restaurants in country. That was just a step into a two-star London venue, where I spent a year working.

After returning home I opened my company Černá Růže in my hometown, a year later I started a summer project on Máchovo Jezero - Fresh & Funky bistro. 2018 I spent in Copenhagen, a leading gastronomic destination, in one of Michelin star awarded best local restaurants. Last spring I spent in beautiful Faroe Islands, working in ** Michelin star - Restaurant Koks.

I also found my passion in the restaurant training, when I capitalize on my experience from the point of view of a chef and former owner of the restaurant. Likewise, I mostly enjoy cooking classes where I demonstrate, that with a little bit of knowledge and skill You can make a sexy dinner. 

Nadcházející události
Thu, Jan 09
San Francisco
Jan 09, 2025, 11:30 AM
San Francisco, CA, USA
Don't Miss Out
Thu, Feb 06
San Francisco
Feb 06, 2025, 10:00 AM
San Francisco, CA, USA
Nothing Like It
Cooking 3 course menu with Ondrej
Sat, Feb 15
Pražská tržnice
Feb 15, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Pražská tržnice, 13, Bubenské nábřeží 306, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Česko


Ondrej is a wonderful host. His background and knowledge of cooking is amazing; this combined with his gift for teaching cooking skills in a relaxed atmosphere made the experience both memorable and meaningful. I look forward to recreating these recipes at home for family/friends and practicing some newly learned kitchen skills! Thanks, Ondrej!

Amy from San Francisco about my cooking class

I asked Chef Ondrej to prepare a birthday dinner in occasion of my husband's birthday and it was far beyond our expectations. Ondrej cooked multiple course menu based on Czech cuisine as we requested but with very modern twist and from the farm only products, everything matched with lovely natural wines. Totally recommended!

Dagmar from Czech Republic about my personal chef experience

Our group had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend this class to anyone who enjoys cooking (or just learning how to cook). We started at the market to pick up some produce and wine. We then spent the rest of the time cooking in Ondrej's apartment (which was nicely set up for the class and was more than comfortable with our group of six). Ondrej is an amazing chef, great host, and teacher. He taught us important skills that we now plan to use in our day to day cooking methods at home. He only offers this class a few times per month so we were lucky to have the opportunity to attend!

Caroline from Mississippi about my cooking class