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About me

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I soon realized that if I wanted to learn something, I had to go abroad. I have work experience from prestigious positions such as

  the Grill - Auckland

  Hibiscus ** - London

  Fiskebar * - Copenhagen

  the Palais 5 * - Prague

  Rutz Wine bar *** - Berlin (internship)

  Midsummer House ** - Cambridge (internship)

  KOKS ** - Faroe Islands (internship)


Competitions: Final seven for the Czech Republic - Bocouse D'or

I have run a two-year management of my own company Černá Růže in the center of Mladá Boleslav, a summer project on Mácha's Lake - Fresh & Funky bistro and currently my pop-up project, with which I tour food festivals and other events - MOLINA + Crew.

I found my passion in cooking classes, where I show that with a little knowledge and skills you can make a sexy dinner. I also enjoy training restaurants, where I use my experience from the perspective of both the chef and the entrepreneur.
If you want an unforgettable dinner for a group of people or catering or a wedding,
you can ask me as a personal chef.

You can see me at all possible events related to food, whether they are my guests in other companies, various collaborations with colleagues from gastronomy or food festivals.


My services

* Cooking cooking on several topics for the public

* Tailor-made cooking courses for companies / closed groups

* Personal chef - mediating the experience wherever we agree.

* Stylish catering of the highest quality

* Concept and menu development for restaurants, bistros and hotels

* Development of new products

* Gastro consultation / gastro coaching, staff training

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''Čeští kuchaři, kteří vás mezmou do nebe. ''

Článek v Elle


Ondřej is a really talented chef who knows what he is talking about! It was amazing that I was able to visit the traditional food market with him and get ingredients for recipes from his favorite vendors. He did a really good job teaching him how to prepare recipes, the perfect balance between the chef's tips in the kitchen and a passionate approach to his culinary art! Deep immersion in Czech culinary culture :) Highly recommended :)
Florence about a cooking course focused on Czech cuisine.
I asked chef Ondřej to prepare a birthday dinner on the occasion of my husband's birthday, and it was far beyond our expectations. Ondrej cooked a multi-course menu according to Czech cuisine, as we requested, but with a very modern touch and only from farm products, everything corresponded to beautiful natural wines. Absolutely recommended!
Dagmar about personal cooking on the occasion of a birthday party.
What a unique and beautiful experience! After Ondřej took us through the market and explained all the unique ingredients that we may not know, he took us to a fairytale wine shop, where we tasted several wonderful Czech wines! Back in the kitchen, we started preparing delicious food. Ondrej, attention to detail, time to instruct each individual and maintain a light mood and relaxation was great! It was a great time to get acquainted with regional cuisine! Book now! You will not regret!
Chloe about a cooking course focused on Czech cuisine.
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